Our Staff



Bobbie is a NYS licensed veterinary technician. She graduated from the Veterinary Technician Program at SUNY Canton ATC in 1991 and has been a member of our staff since 1996. Bobbie enjoys softball and bowling. She has two dogs named Ruckus & Cookie



Vicki is our Office Manager. She has a degree in Business Management from SUNY Empire State College. Vicki joined our staff in September, 2006. She enjoys stained glass, photography, music, and reading. She has 3 pets, a cat named Pewter and 2 dogs named Teagan & Farleigh.



JoJo is a Veterinary Assistant. She joined our staff in May 2016. JoJo enjoys spending time outdoors and relaxing doing arts and crafts. JoJo is an avid animal lover with several pets. She has rescued and adopted 3 dogs: Maddie, Mary-Louise, and Cricket (who is deaf). She also has a cat named Ti-Coune



Debbie is our Receptionist. She joined our staff in July 2016. Debbie loves animals and people. She has a grown son and lives a very busy life. Debbie has a dog named Major, and a horse named JD.



Evan is a Veterinary Assistant. He joined our staff in June 2018.  Evan enjoys spending time with his family and outdoor activities.  He has 3 cats named Pipsqueak, Symba, and Alice.



Lorna is a Veterinary Assistant. She joined our staff in July 2018. In addition to working at the clinic, she is also a Teaching Assistant at the Tupper Lake Middle/High School. She has her father, who shares a home with her, and two grown sons. She has a house full of pets, 9 to be exact. Six dogs (4 were rescues) Subban, Luca, Sampson, Friday, Little Girl, and Baby, and three cats, Dozen, Lemon, and Fuzzy. She enjoys going for walks, gardening, reading, crafts, and watching movies.